понедельник, 30 января 2012 г.

Here you can find information about my feelings and impressions during this practice, some tips from my own experience and I hope you can use it in your own life (if your life is devoted to teaching)

Last Monday I had my first English lesson and, to say the truth, I was afraid, because I had never conducted the lessons before. When I came to the class and was trying to prepare to the lesson, I saw that I couldn't use computer, because something was wrong with it. And then I got nervous, but my colleague helped me, she said that everything would be okay. After this, to my greatest suprise, came only four students, and it was easy for me to concentrate and to speak with them. Maybe this lesson wasn't like I planned it, but I think that students coped with all tasks I gave them. And I have to add that the second lesson I had was better for me because I didn't worry, although there were ten students.

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